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Integrity Hotline
Keeping Kentucky's Horse Industry Running

The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission (KHRC) is a leader in the welfare of horse and rider and the safety and integrity of horse racing. To improve investigative capabilities and awareness of issues affecting the integrity of live and historical horse racing in Kentucky, the KHRC has created a toll-free Integrity Hotline and anonymous online form.

Use this hotline or online form to contact the KHRC anytime you become aware of information, activity or improper practice that is not in the best interest of Kentucky horse racing. You may remain anonymous. However, we encourage you to provide contact information so that we can follow up with you, allowing for a quick and accurate investigation.

Everyone has an obligation to protect and foster the integrity of horse racing in Kentucky. Don’t hesitate, if you are aware of improper activity contact us today.

You may call the toll-free integrity Hotline at 866-993-3949 or locally at 859-246-2848, e-mail us at or submit the form below.

Thank you for protecting the integrity of Kentucky’s horse industry.


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